Service for skis & snowboards
Ski boot adjustment
Electronic binding test
Service for skis & snowboards
Leading ski service award – what’s that?

The "Leading Ski Service" award guarantees the quality of the services and equipment offered by a ski service and hire shop. A shop with this quality rating meets certain specified standards and criteria. Only after a strict process, we received this award.

The criteria

  • the training and qualification of employees
  • the quality of the equipment for hire
  • the quality of ski preparation
  • the customer service
  • the service workshop
  • the transparent price-service offer
  • the technical equipment
  • the reception and waiting area
  • the appearance of the facility
Custom service

We check each pair of skis and each snowboard individually and by hand. We look for defects that make skiing more difficult for you. After we have examined your equipment in detail with you, we will show you what should be done so that you can enjoy your day on the slopes without compromise. Once we get your approval to start, we'll begin servicing your equipment according to your wishes, based on our experience.

After completion of the work, we will show you what we have done. We examine the finished work together and return your equipment to you. Now you can get back on the slopes without hesitation – and experience what it means to ski on skis that have been serviced by us.

It can also happen that you are not 100% satisfied with the fit of your boots. If that’s the case, we'll ask you to tell us where it's pinching. We will then be happy to discuss your concerns in detail again free of charge and eliminate any uncertainty – now that’s custom service! Our goal is to show you that our ski service is made to measure. 

How much does a custom service cost?

There are no fixed prices or designations such as “small service” or similar. For us, every service is an individual job. The price changes depending on the condition of the equipment. Are you curious? Then come by and let us examine your equipment together. We work according to the motto “Pay for what is necessary, not more and not less”.

How long does a custom service take?

The duration of the service depends on the condition of your equipment. To be on the safe side, we advise you to allow at least one hour. Don't feel like waiting? Then bring your equipment by at the end of the ski day and pick it up the following day. It couldn't be easier.

Extreme cases

Torn edges, torn bindings, rust, pronounced scratches, bent skis, lost ski stoppers, and so on. We have already seen (almost) everything. Whatever it may be – come and see us! We’ll find a solution. We promise.

Where does the boot pinch?

The ski boot is the most important part of the ski equipment. We transfer strength on to the ski via the ski boot. If the boot does not have the right shape, size, or firmness, we cannot guide the ski properly. The boot represents the connection between body and ski. Only when the foot and boot are in harmony, do we have the skis optimally under control. Each foot is unique and has its own characteristics. Therefore, we have different models of different brands in our assortment for hire. For our guests who have their own ski boots and have problems with them, we offer a very special service. We adapt ski boots to your feet. We start exactly at the painful point and work on your ski boot with the greatest care and experience, so that it fits perfectly.

Electronic binding testing – what is it and what is it used for?

When you go to a ski hire shop, you will hear the following questions no matter where you go.
How old are you?
How much do you weigh?
Your height?
Have you ever skied before?
Do you have your own ski boots?

The answers to these five questions are necessary to set the ski bindings according to ISO 11088 and ISO 8061 standard. The purpose of the ISO 11088 standard is to ensure that the binding is released in the event of a fall and that no injuries to the knee occur as a result of incorrect adjustment of the binding.

So far, so good. But who guarantees that the release value set on the binding corresponds to the actual release value of the binding? In other words, if, for example, I set “5”, does this also correspond to the trigger value of 5? We guarantee this – according to ISO 8061. With the help of a special machine, this can be measured exactly. We offer this service not only to our service guests, but also for every single pair of skis of our equipment for hire, and of course for all children's skis.

You're not sure your bindings do what they’re supposed to do? Then come by. We're happy to help take care of it.

First-class ski service in South Tyrol

Our quality features

Our ski service in South Tyrol offers you the top quality and outstanding professionalism. We take our time giving in-depth and individual advice as things only run really well with perfectly prepared skis.

What sets us apart:

  • Free ski transport to your hotel on request
  • Only leading ski service in Valle Isarco/Eisacktal
  • Always the latest models
  • Perfectly prepared equipment at all times
  • Free to exchange equipment
  • 100 % hygienic equipment

Our many years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee you perfectly prepared skis and snowboards. Our staff are highly qualified and have attended unique further training courses to become a ski service technician in the alpine region. As a result of us constantly looking for ways to improve, we became a member of the “Leading Ski Service” businesses in South Tyrol in 2013/14 and therefore stand for quality and safety. We are the only ski hire outlet in Valle Isarco/Eisacktal with this seal of quality.

Your skis are in good hands with us. Our experts check and inspect each pair that you bring to the ski service in person. Your skis are then individually prepared depending on their wear.

We totally trust the equipment from the company Montana when it comes to ski service. The result is maximum skiing fun, better retention of value for your skis and boards as well as more safety on the slopes.

Perfectly fitting ski boots

Every metre becomes sheer torture for anyone wearing the wrong boots. We always get the tape measure out at Skirental Leitner to make sure this doesn’t happen: We measure the length and width of your feet and then recommend the right ski boots for you.

Hygiene takes top priority at our ski hire outlet. Which is why we disinfect and dry every ski boot after it’s been hired out. 

Painful feet?

Finally no more painful feet when skiing – is that also something you dream of? If your ski boots pinch you, then pop in and see us.

We will find out what the problem is by talking to you in person. Often just a minor adjustment is required for the ski boots to fit perfectly. If that doesn’t do the trick, we adjust your ski boots individually to your feet using a special device.

Please note that a good boot fitting takes a bit of time and patience. Your feet will thank you for it.

Are you sure that your binding will release in an emergency?

Ski bindings are the most important part of ski equipment. They play an important role in the event of an emergency. If they are released properly, the risk of injury is minimised. If they don’t, it may lead to serious injuries.

We set every pair of skis and their bindings in accordance with the ISO standard 11088 so that you don’t have to worry. But even if you’re bringing your own skis with you on holiday and want to test that they are working properly and safe, we are there to assist you.

We do all of this so that you can concentrate on the most important thing: having fun skiing.