Everything for skiing in Valles/Vals

Well-equipped from head to toe

Whatever you need for skiing in Valles/Vals – you will find what you’re looking for at Skirental Leitner right next to the Jochtal bottom station in the Gitschberg Jochtal ski area. We advise you with our heart and mind as we are convinced that there is the right ski for every skier. From beginners’ skis to racing skis, you can find the suitable equipment in our shop.

Skis for adults

These skis are ideal for beginners and for getting used to skis. You can master flat, easy slopes at low speeds really easily with these.


Advanced skiers who enjoy all slopes will get on really well with these skis. They are particularly suitable for relaxed and safe skiing.


Advanced and expert skiers who feel at home on all slopes and place importance on relaxed and safe skiing prefer these skis. Choose from various exclusive ski models.


The perfect ski for those with need for speed who want to refine their technique: carefully selected models, high-quality materials, easy to ski with.


These skis are suitable for all slopes and the right choice for real experts who love a sporty skiing style and fast speeds.


Pros and anyone who wants to be one should opt for these skis: They are suitable for all types of slopes.

Skis for children


These children’s skis are easy to ski with, forgive little mistakes and are therefore ideal for learning to ski.

Junior Sport

These children’s skis are ideal for advanced skiers who want to improve their technique.