Carriers, buggies, and Burton Riglet
Skiing, snowboarding, and more
Skiing, snowboarding, & more

Is your child too young to ski or snowboard? No problem – we have buggies that make your day with your little one easier. Stop by, pick up an off-road buggy, and save space in your trunk.


Yes, we know how children can be – we ourselves also have children, and that’s why we know that sometimes it can be difficult to please everyone. If you don’t want to play tag or go on short hikes just for the kids during your holidays, then get a child carrier from Deuter! Nothing will stand in the way of you and your hiking adventure now.

Burton Riglet

Does your child know exactly what they want, or do they just want to do the same thing as their older brother or sister? No problem. We have just the thing for the little ones: The Burton Riglet. A snowboard with an innovative mount without bindings, which is also good for balance. The result: your child has fun and you have fun too. 

On the slopes

Let's make this short. Hygiene, fun, ski school, and safety. That is what’s most important when it comes to our children. Their hired equipment will be checked, maintained, cleaned, and disinfected after each hire. Only then can we can guarantee that everyone gets their money's worth. Safety is a top priority for us. Even for the little ones, each binding is tested by means of an electronic binding test according to the ISO 80061 regulation.

The Vals-Jochtal ski school is the perfect place to learn or improve your skiing skills. No matter if it’s a single lesson or a full day course with lunch in your own ski class, with the ski school Vals-Jochtal, your child is in the best hands. You will find the ski school directly at our hotel.

Finally, we appeal once again to you and safety. In South Tyrol, helmets are required for children under the age of 14. It’s important that you also pay attention to your safety and that you wear a helmet when skiing too. Don’t you want to be a good role model?

Children on the slopes
Faster and faster

Skiing as a teenager is similar to living as a teenager. Fast, sometimes a bit difficult, and even ground-breaking. We have the right equipment for everyone. We can even cater to colour requests. As with any other age group, we guarantee our equipment for hygiene and safety. Each item is cleaned, maintained, and disinfected.

Please remember that in South Tyrol, helmets are required up to the age of 14. If your child is older than 14 years, please insist on the helmet anyway. Sure, the hairstyle might suffer a little bit from it, but safety simply comes first, no matter how old you are.

In this age group there are often big differences in skill levels. That’s why, we have equipment for both snowboarders and skiers that does justice to the different skills. With the right equipment, beginners have it easier, and advanced learners become safer and better.

Your child can't decide between skiing and snowboarding? No problem at all. Just drop by – with us, you can switch between skis and snowboards. In the end, only one thing counts: having fun.

Hire ski equipment for children: in the Gitschberg Jochtal ski area

Everything for little skiing aces

It’s best to hire ski equipment for children in the Gitschberg Jochtal ski area from Skirental Leitner at the bottom station. We offer you all kinds of winter sports equipment for children.

Safety plays an extremely important role when it comes to ski hire for children. Besides high-quality skis and ski boots, a ski helmet is essential. It is compulsory for children under 14 years old to wear a helmet in Italy.

A cheap alternative to buying skis, particularly for children, is to hire skis. As the little ones grow out of everything so quickly, our large range of winter sports equipment always offers the right sizes. You can find the latest children’s ski models, ski boots and ski helmets at Skirental Leitner. Making the first turns on the slopes even more fun!

Learning aids for children are also available at our hire outlet and/or shop, e.g. ski tip clips to learn to snow plough. You can also find practical child carriers from the Deuter brand and stable pushchairs for hiking in our shop.

The Jochtal ski school is situated just a few steps away from our ski hire outlet and offers special children’s skiing lessons:

  • For children aged 3
  • For beginners aged 4 to 12
  • For advanced aged 4 to 12